Education And Training Of New Members

If you would like to become a part of our team, you should know that each semester we organize the training and education course for our new members. Joining our Center means learning more about mental health issues and addiction, so that you are able to help people struggling with these problems. If you passionately feel that you could contribute to helping people who are dealing with these issues, make sure you contact our Center and find out more about the course. That being said, we will explain into more detail what kind of education and training you can expect as our future new member of the Center in Georgia for Mental Health Illness and Addiction.

Education About The Mind Of Addict

We put an emphasis on empathy here at the Center for recover and rehabilitation of addicts. Also, our new members need to understand and learn more about how the mind of the addict works. It is often said that you need to think like an addict in order to be able to understand them, and we believe it is true to an extent. We will educate all the new members about how the minds of the addicts work, what they think about and how they behave, as well as explain what the underlining reasons for their behavior are. Hopefully, this will make it easier for you to understand the addictions as well as addicts and help them.

Psychological Education

Psychological education is the key for all our new members, and something you must be well informed about. The psychological education is one of the main things that you need to go through as a part of your education and training and you will understand a lot more about the nature of what we do here. Healing the mind is a lot more difficult than healing the body and while anyone can go through a process of detox and clear their bodies of the drugs or alcohol, it is a lot more difficult to help people clear their minds of their addictions.

Training For Working With Addicts

Working with addicts is not an easy task. It often requires stamina and mental resilience. This is why not everyone is suited for this job. However, you should not worry whether this is for you, time will tell. We take our new members gradually introduced to working with addicts and help guide them through the entire process one step at a time.

Training For Working With Addicts

Training For Working With Mental Health Patients

The same goes with mental health patients and working with them. Even if you have completed your training, have sufficient knowledge and enthusiasm to help, we still prefer that our new members start working gradually with mental health patients with the help of more experienced colleagues that will be able to step in, in case anything out of the ordinary or unexpected happens. Our approach so far has given outstanding results and protected both of our clients and our new members equally.